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A sophisticated media campaign designed to bust malnutrition myths

UK Malnutrition Awareness Week (#UKMAW2020) was choreographed and launched by M+F Health, working with BAPEN and the Malnutrition Taskforce, to raise awareness of the prevalence, risks and signs of malnutrition.

A UKMAW-owned YouGov survey of 2,011 British adults was conducted in August 2020 to provide a foundation for the campaign. This revealed that nearly half of the sampled population (48%) believed losing weight was a natural part of ageing. Alarmingly, 77% thought it was normal to become thin and frail over the age of 65.

Success was a direct result of the enormous efforts and highly skilled performance of M&F Health - our reach is fantastic.

Dr Trevor Smith President BAPEN

A multi-channel, message-rich social media campaign targeted the general public, especially the over 65s, as well as healthcare professionals. The digital sphere was harnessed to develop accessible resources, publicise tools, communicate video content, reach television, and radio audiences, and host an effective virtual parliamentary event.

As a result, there were over 200 #MAWconversation selfies shared by health care professionals on Twitter; 65 hospitals, care homes, and Trusts posted involvement on social media; we secured specialist media features in Tomorrows Care, Journal of Community Nursing, The Carer and Journal of General Practice Nursing; and 17 organisations contributed endorsement messages, including Carers UK, Age UK, MND Association, Association of UK Dietitians.

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