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Promotion campaign of Better Noise’s film SNO Babies

To promote and celebrate the launch of Better Noise’s gripping and emotive film SNO Babies in the UK, M+F launched a comprehensive media relations campaign. The film which tells the story of the grim realities of opioid addiction and contains powerful messages for young people and parents.

M&F achieved fantastic press and broadcast coverage, and I was incredibly happy with what we were able to achieve. Their work was used as a template for other countries.

Dan Waite MD Europe Better Noise Music
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The campaign saw M+F Health garner the support of the Amy Winehouse Foundation and key spokespeople in Mitch and Jane Winehouse, whose own cause to raise awareness of substance abuse resonated with the film’s content. To drive campaign coverage, M+F sourced new data on UK opioid prescribing and commissioned a UK poll which showed an increase in substance use due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Following a comprehensive media sell-in across the UK press the campaign secured high profile TV, radio and print coverage including Sky News, Channel 5, ITV News and Capital Radio.

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