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Helping the nation to Keep a Look Out For Their Eyes

As part of M+F’s ongoing work to support Théa UK’s communications activity, the team created the “Keep a Look Out for Your Eyes” campaign.

The campaign was designed to raise public awareness of good eye health, drive people to visit an HCP to discuss treatment options for Dry Eye Disease and Blepharitis, and maintain share of voice for Théa as leaders in eye health.

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We adopted a multi-channel approach which included gathering insight into the behaviours and attitudes around eye health in the UK. We conducted a survey which highlighted that Brits neglected their eye health and avoided eye tests.

This new data was compiled into a newsworthy press release for national and local media. Our celebrity ambassador, Nadia Sawalha, and our dry eye disease expert and Optometrist, Sarah Farrant, offered a wide social and traditional media appeal from which we could capture the attention of the target audience: women over 40.

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The “Keep a Look Out for Your Eyes” campaign garnered an impressive 51,616,560 opportunities to see across 25 print and online titles including 4 x national newspapers and 4 x women’s magazines. Broadcast coverage gained an additional reach of over 2 million across 155 TV and radio outlets.

Meanwhile. the social media campaign led to 343,609 impressions and 5,488 link clicks across all platforms on Théa’s owned channels.

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Théa’s consumer website reaped 29,469 pageviews (15.3% increase) from 21st Sept – 17th Oct (compared to previous 25-day period) and the shop page garnered 1,206 pageviews (105.5% increase) compared to the previous 25-day period. As a direct result, product sales also increased by 41% (compared to the previous 25-day period).

You can find out more about the campaign and Nadia’s involvement here: https://www.youreyehealth.co.uk/blogs/news/nadia-sawalha-thea