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Providing a platform for people to share their own personal experiences

Fifty Over 50 is a unique listening project supported by M+F Health across our integrated Public Relations and Public Affairs teams – working with the Whole Person Care Project, made up of 10 stakeholders in the HIV space and bringing together people in comms, patient centric and policy roles.

By providing a platform for people to share their own personal experiences, we developed meaningful, qualitative accounts of experience, to add to the body of evidence and existing insights on HIV and ageing.

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Our youngest contributors were 50, but we also heard from people in their 60s, and 70s and our oldest contributor was 80. The people we talked to were diagnosed at a range of times, from the 1980s, the 1990s, the 2000s, and most recently in the last decade.

We developed a comprehensive policy review, identifying key themes from the listening exercise – ranging across social care; stigma; access to health care; mental health; and social isolation. This accompanied the launch of the Fifty over 50 e-book, sharing the stories of contributors to the project, with their insights bringing us one step closer to achieving the best possible care for every person living with HIV in the UK.

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